Play area

What better way to spend the holidays than running around and playing in the mountain breeze? Your little ones will be able to enjoy our safe play area, equipped with swings, slides, climbing boards, etc. while you enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of refreshing lemonade in the shade. An idyllic scene in the mountains! Let your children run free in our large enclosed area designed to encourage their imagination and provide them with a safe area where they can explore and just be themselves. 

Let your children be children

The outdoor play area is set in an idyllic location away from the roads and with a magnificent overview of the mountain tops and lush forests. Where your children won’t be bothered by the nervousness of the city life and where they’ll be able to relax and enjoy their holidays, surrounded by pristine nature.

Enjoy your time away from your busy life!

Guided by nature

We are firm believers that playing guides children’s minds via imagination and curiosity and enables them to grow up into healthy and responsible individuals. Make sure they spend their holidays in a stimulating and healthy environment where they can grow and learn to respect and live with nature.

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