Whether you are by the fireplace, on the couch or on the wooden terrace, everywhere is genuine and nice.

In addition to offering accommodation in Jezersko at the heart of the valley, we offer a wide selection of local dishes and beverages. Try the Alpine pizza and delicious lunch, wash down thirst with 100% home-made juices such as elderberry and apple juice. You suffer from stomach ache? Even for this we have a solution. Pehta (mythological figure) already said that for every physical discomfort a healing herb grows and such herbs are abundantly available in the Jezersko valley.

Za pravilno delovanje tega spletišča se včasih na vašo napravo naložijo majhne podatkovne datoteke, imenovane piškotki. To se zgodi na večini večjih spletišč. Več o piškotkih.