Find your peace and go back to nature in Jezersko!

Jezersko is home to all kind of wonders. Here nature reigns. Every travellers’ gaze will be drawn to the mountain peaks. There where the earth ends and the sky begins. Out of respect he will bow and discern the fragrant mountain flowers adorning the valley meadows and rocky slopes. Momentarily interrupted by the local inhabitants of the valley, the playful chamois, the majestic eagle, the proud black grouse, busy bees and effortless butterflies of all colors. A mountain paradise welcomes you.

Take a moment and treat yourself to a walk through the authentic creations of nature. To quench your thirst, we recommend Jezersko’s mineral water, one of the most healthy in Slovenia due to its high magnesium content. Let the path lead you to the glacier, the most south-westerly in the Alps and to Virnikovem Grintovec, remnants of ancient coral reefs. Refresh yourself at the longest Slovenian waterfall Čedca, find peace again in the vast forests of Jezersko. Fill your lungs with healing mountain air and sit at Planšarsko Lake, formerly a glacial lake, which has given its name to the beautiful Kočno valley. Relax, it is all you need to do with us.

Where we are and how to reach us?

Za pravilno delovanje tega spletišča se včasih na vašo napravo naložijo majhne podatkovne datoteke, imenovane piškotki. To se zgodi na večini večjih spletišč. Več o piškotkih.